Bronze Kyklo Necklace
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Bronze Kyklo Necklace Bronze Kyklo Necklace

Bronze Kyklo Necklace

  • $49.00

Adorned with a gorgeous and trendy tassel, these beautiful circle necklaces are made from rayon yarn and bronze metal that has a verdigris veneer.

The Greek scholar Proclus called a circle "the first, simplest and most perfect form." In ancient Greece, because of their symmetry, circles were seen as representations of the “divine” and “natural balance”.

Fringe Color Options: Black, Dark Grey, Olive Green, Burnt Orange, Rose

Handmade in between Athens by Ariadne and her assistant, Flora, and her "Sewing Circle Ladies" in Kyparissia.
Length of necklace: 40-44 cm
Tassel: 7-9cm