Bronze Psaraki Necklace
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Bronze Psaraki Necklace Bronze Psaraki Necklace

Bronze Psaraki Necklace

  • $49.00

Adorned with a gorgeous and trendy tassel, these beautiful circle necklaces are made from rayon yarn and bronze metal that has a verdigris veneer. Let the little fish (Psaraki in Greek) make you feel like you are sitting near the Aegean Sea while you wear it.

The Greek scholar Proclus called a circle "the first, simplest and most perfect form." In ancient Greece, because of their symmetry, circles were seen as representations of the “divine” and “natural balance”. The Greek character for lowercase alpha (α) is similar to the fish symbol, as is the uppercase Omega (Ω ) if rotated 90°.

Fringe Color Options: (Left to Right) Taupe, Black, Light Beige

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these necklaces, the beading and styles may vary slightly from the pictures.

Handmade in between Athens by Ariadne and her assistant, Flora, and her "Sewing Circle Ladies" in Kyparissia.
Length of necklace: 40-44 cm
Tassel: 7-9cm