Greek Key Filaxto
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Greek Key Filaxto

  • $40.00

"Because the latter they put on for their own protection, but the shield for the common good of all." - Demaratos

This filaxto (Φυλαχτό) is an amulet worn that has the power to protect its holder from something negative or bad, and to bring them luck. In the Greek culture, babies usually wear a filaxto on their undershirt or it is placed on their stroller. This is to protect them. Adults also can wear a filaxto to do the same. This can be worn as a brooch on your blazer as a statement piece of jewelry.

This filaxto is hand embroidered with the Greek key and is specifically made for Love Ellada by my dear friend Pinelopi.

Handmade in Kolonaki by Pinelopi, she spends hours hand embroidering each and every detail of her works of art.